Thursday, October 18, 2012

Busy summer! Introducing Addilyn Mae Sneddon!

We've had quite the summer! We bought our first house and moved about a week and a half or so before Addilyn arrived! We're LOVING our new place (with a huge fenced in back yard which is awesome to have..esp with Eli!) Since I'm so behind, I'll catch up with Addi's birth story! (and  a few pics :)

Addilyn Mae Sneddon was born June 5, 2012 at 3:18, weighing 5lbs, 11oz; and 19inches long; Our c-section was planned for June 12th but my kids never follow the plan! (or rather my body doesn't!) Addi was actually the furthest gestation yet (even though Eli was bigger, at 7lbs 9oz right at 37wks) I was just a day shy of hitting 38 weeks with her! I had a dr appt that morning (I have twice a week appointments from around 33 to 34wks ultrasound a week and fetal stress tests twice a week) to monitor things. About 3 am that morning though I woke up with sharp epigastric pain (and was pretty sure at that point my liver was starting to act up again); I'd had a feeling my body was having some of the issues I'd had with Ansel (except that those issues were not as severe thanks to being on 12,000 units of heparin 3 times a day!) For the last several months of my pregnancy I had numb hands and eventually arms (which was my first signal with Ansel's pregnancy that something was different...) I didn't do too horrible with the water weight gain like I did with Ansel but I definitely was having some issues with that. I didn't even have high blood pressure issues (although I would still attribute some of that to all the heparin keeping my blood thin!)  Anyway, I woke up with pain around 3 am or so, and just tried to put things off until my appt that was scheduled for 11.  However, around 7 am I also started throwing up and was definitely convinced at this point that it was more than gas/indigestion or whatever else I thought it "might" be.  So I called my dr's office and they said to come in.  We skipped the fetal monitoring test and I got to talk to my dr.  I was having a hard time breathing (thanks to fun liver pain) and she sent me over to Labor and Delivery so they could start some fluids and tests and said she'd meet me there in a few hours.  Got pain meds and fluids but I knew at this point we'd be having our little girl that day! Labs came back with slightly elevated liver enzymes, 2-3+ protein in urine, and so my dr. said I had atypical preeclampsia and rather than sit and wait at this point we'd go ahead and deliver.  So glad she acted on that (and listened to my concerns seriously!) The next morning liver enzymes were way up and platelets were very low (so I'd also had HELLP syndrome again).. so it was good we'd had the c-section the day before! Recovery was really pretty quick it seemed, the first couple of days were kinda rough, I was on mag didn't get up until very early morning on day 3 (after midnight or so!) they put me on steroids to help bump up the platelets but once I got up and walking(and off the mag!) things started going a lot better.  Since labs took a turn the right direction on day 3 (with HELLP, once they trend the right way after delivery they don't usually reverse back again) so I got to go home day 4! (and just finish up the steroids at home!) Addilyn did great too so we got to go home together,,yay for that! She was 5lbs 1oz when we left the hospital.

Yesterday she turned 10 weeks and had her 2month appt. She's now up to 10lbs 2oz and 22.5 inces long.  the past several weeks she' been smiling and cooing  lot more which is so fun! The boys love her and we're so happy having her in our family! Such a sweet little girl!

And in other news..Ansel started 1st grade (at a different school since we moved!) Hope it's a good year for him! Also Cody started a new position at his work, and I just started back to work but they let me go to part just two nights a week (I get called to work more, though I decline since I really just need to work 2 nights a week for now!! Need all the extra time with my kiddos!!)



Lorelle & John Luckey said...

You have the sweetest family! So glad I got to come visit in August and meet beautiful little Addie :)Miss you!

Kerri and Cody said...

Thanks Lorelle! We're SOO glad you got to come too!!