Friday, February 07, 2014


Mr. Eli had his first day of preschool today! He was super excited and it sounded like he had lots of fun today! I think it will be so good for him. He was barely two years old and trying to climb on Ansel's bus. He has such an adventurous spirit and loves to try new things and be independent (and of course wants to do everything Ansel does!)  he also gets to ride a bus so he's pretty excited about that too ! I will miss my morning snuggle buddy but this will be good for him. He will also get speech therapy twice a week since he tends to do "fronting" (for ex.  c/k sounds become t's since he doesn't use the back of his throat as much to make sounds. Ansel had the same issue, although after he got his tonsils removed he didn't need speech therapy for much longer! (I think Eli might have issues there too...) Apparently we tend to have big tonsils in our family! I actually have to go have mine removed at the end of the month due to having a peritonsilar abcess after strep last month.. :/ ) Ansel had strep 5 times the first 6 months of Kindergarten and was missing so much school which is why he had his removed, but his ENT said his tonsils and adenoids were way too big for him anyway. Also Ansel's hyper gag reflex seemed to calm down after his tonsillectomy as well, so it was probably for the best!) 

With the boys at school, Mommy and Addi went shopping (and I must admit it was a much easier store trip! Addi was in tears this morning with everyone leaving, but she perked up when she got to be a big girl and walk instead if ride! 

I get a little sad seeing my kids grow so fast but it's also very fun and rewarding to see their progress!!

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Michelle C said...

Your kids look so grown up!!!! I can't believe it!