Tuesday, April 01, 2014

This girl..

I haven't updated too much on Addilyn but she is such a fun part of our family! We love her so much and she keeps us on our toes! She loves climbing and outdoors and language is definitely her strong point! (Seriously by 14 months she had over 80 words and 2-3word phrases and could count to 10. By 18 months she consistently spoke in 5 word sentences (and had probably at least 10 songs or so that she sings the whole song of.) Also around 18 months she started showing us that she knew her letters and even some of their sounds! (I was trying to work on them with Eli and apparently she was taking it all in too! She came over and said " look mommy, an O!" (And then proceeded to point out as many as she could find!) The boys were pretty average on language and each had their own area of interest.. It's so interesting to see each kiddo develop and show us their different strengths and interests! Very fun! Oh and she also loves hanging from bars and trying to do pull-ups.. So cute! 

Here is a link to a video I attempted to get of her singing a song. I can't ever catch it on video because the second she sees my phone she rushes over to get my phone to "see the baby" (videos of herself hah); She usually sings the whole song with cute little actions but I think this is as good as I'll catch on video for now! Still cute though :)

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Michelle C said...

Oh how awesome. Sounds like you have a genius on your hands. Breanna has been talking so much more than the boys ever did at this age, but wow Addilyn sounds incredible. That is so much fun when they can communicate. Bre does the same thing with videos and pictures, she stops performing and wants to see, see, see! I loved your comments on my blog. Makes me feel like it's worth posting ,lol.