Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy..

We apparently grow large and problematic tonsils/adenoids in this family. Ansel had his out in kindergarten (after having strep 5 times that year!) in January I got a peritonsilar abcess (after many years of chronic step/tonsilitis) and then got my tonsils out the end of February (and spent most of March recovering! Awful.. Awful.. Awful! They absolutely were not kidding when they said adult tonsillectomies were horrible to recover from! I spent nearly 3 weeks in a recliner just trying to exist until it was over and pretty much lived off ice chips and pain meds even though they didn't really touch the pain! Usually I have a high pain tolerance but I felt like a big baby after this one! The dr said I even had adenoids left so they took those too (often those are gone by adulthood)  Anyway, after having mine done this year I found myself much more nervous about Eli having his out than I was when Ansel had his out!!

Eli's on post op day 4 now though and has just done amazing. He's been extra tired and rests a lot, and has woke up with ear and throat pain a few times but after a few sips of water and a Popsicle or something he perks right back up for the most part. He even was getting rid of scabs by the end of day 2 (which didn't start with me until at least a week out!) He's also been able to sleep a lot (which was also a big relief as if I fell asleep for more than 20-30 minutes at a time I would wake up in unbearable pain from drying out.. Even with a humidifier going nonstop!).  I remembered that Ansel seemed to be fine a week after surgery but I still was so nervous for Eli after mine. It's been such a huge relief to see him doing so well for the most part. On the way to his surgery he was just singing away! Coming off the anesthesia was probably the worst part for him. (By that point he was saying "I don't like my surgery! I don't want to come here again!" (I can't say I blame him!) He's been a champ though! Love this boy :) 

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Michelle C said...

Oh wow, I'm so sorry about your recovery but I'm glad his went smoother!! That sounds terrible.