Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Part-time oxygen tube free!

Tuesday Ansel weighed 7lbs. 12.5ounces and got another synagis shot to protect him from RSV. His nurse also turned his oxygen down to 25cc, which isn't much at all, and said he could have breaks throughout the day without it as well. He seems to enjoy those breaks and isn't too happy when we put the tube back on. Soon enough he'll be a full-time cord free baby! It's great just being able to pick him up and walk around the house with him.
As for my wound, it was much better this week. I got different stuff called Maxorb last week to put in it to help absorb the extra drainage. There has been a tunnel at the bottom of my wound for months which hasn't seemed to make any progress in closing up. After only one day of using this new stuff it had completely closed off! So good progress there this week.


Caryn said...

Ansel looks just like you he's very cute
Kayla Deckard

Anonymous said...

This is the best picture of Ansel yet!! He looks absolutely WONDERFUL without any tubes taped to his face. How exciting it was to find this picture today. Love to all, Grandma M.

Janet Green said...

Wow, Ansel has grown so much already! He's still adorable and cute as can be. Kerri, so glad to hear that you've found something that will help you heal. We continue to watch for and read your updates. Thanks for sharing.