Thursday, March 23, 2006


An update from Grandma: Ansel's Grandma Jeanne, Aunt Rachel, and Aunt Lorelle have been away from home for spring break so we don't have complete updated news--but we will include what we know! Visiting for a couple of days in Boise, Idaho with Ansel's Aunt Melinda, we learned some of our Boise friends are missing an update! Kerri and Cody are very busy with Ansel--he is a full-time job! Kerri, Cody, and Ansel moved back to Carthage on March 16. We really appreciate all the care and kindness from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Sneddon in Joplin for the past couple of months. Some of Kerri's church friends had a baby shower for Ansel on March 17. It was a lot of fun and the gifts were very much appreciated. Eating well--last weigh-in: 7 lbs. 4 ozs. Continuing with the oxygen for awhile, we are all looking forward to a day without tubes! Kerri is continuing to heal with her incision, but has an infection in it that is being monitored. Your continued prayers are a blessing for this young family!

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Barbra Van Shaar said...

Hi Kerri, Cody & Ansel,
I've been checking the site for quite a while with no new updates. It was fun to come here today and find new pictures and more news. I'm always curious about how things are going. I like the idea of a 100th day celebration. Happy 100th day, Ansel! Those little developmental steps you mentioned are fun. Glad you're enjoying them.

Being back at home must be nice for all of you. Kerri, I was sorry to hear that you're still having some difficulty healing. You will remain in our prayers.

Barbra Van Shaar