Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Birthday Party!

After graduation, we had Ansel's birthday party. It was lots of fun, and great to get together with our friends and family. Ansel didn't mind the chocolate cake either (although with all of the frosting, I'm not really sure that he got down to the cake part! )

No more pictures please!

Here's what the bigger cake looked like. (The theme was animals)
Ansel's cousins: Jewell, Kaley, and Kelsey!
Checking out some of my presents!

Cousin Lindsey and I playing again! Yep, we can both stand up and play now!
It was also gingerbread house weekend... a very anticipated tradition each year!

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KAT said...

What a miracle, I'm so happy to see that your boy is growing so big and so well. Such a happy story.