Friday, April 20, 2007

Belated Easter weekend pics

We spent Easter weekend in Springfield with my parents. Roya and the girls came up from Louisiana (her husband Carlo is now in Iraq), and Kipra and Dave were there as well. Karina had her second birthday party that weekend as well, so it was a fun, busy weekend! Oh, and Ansel had a doctor appointment last weekend and finally broke 18 lbs.. still waiting on the 20 though to turn the car seat around! He's still pretty small for even an adjusted age of 13 months, (still size 2 shoes even!) but his pediatrician said when you put his stats on a growth chart for micropreemies he's right in the middle. Anyway, it's fun watching him progress.
His language and fine motor skills are really good. The other day I was giving him a banana. I stopped to do something for a minute and he tapped my arm and said , "ma ma, na na" He also says "bye bye" (with an adorable wave that I'm trying to get on video still!) and he says "bite" when he wants to eat something, "more" and "yum yum" or "mm mm" when he does actually like what he's eating. There's other little words and phrases,but those are some of the main ones.

Hmm. . . wonder if there's anything good in here?

Yep, found some candy!

Watching the jumping easter bunny...

Karina.. the birthday girl, decked out in a few of her presents!

Hi Grandpa!

Olivia, Emma, and Karina in front of their van... we went outside one day and the window was shattered!! Yikes! They were able to get it fixed a couple of days later.

Kipra, Ansel, and Dave in their jerseys!

Roya, Karina, and Oliva

Kipra and Emma


Anonymous said...

Great pics. That was a fun weekend. I'm surprised Ansel was able to find an egg with some candy in it. Karina was pretty thorough scouting those out. What sweet little grandchildren they all are.

cat and danny said...

Kerri, looks like you had fun! Where is your mom and Eden?

cat -

Kerri & Cody Sneddon said...

Eden's in Arizona (she moved there with Amanda awhile back) and Mom was there but sometimes avoids the camera

Anonymous said...

Sometimes?? I always try to avoid the cameras. Hi Cat. Your baby is gorgeous.