Monday, April 16, 2007

my funny faces

Here are just a few of the cute/funny faces Ansel often makes!

Excited face!
Squinty eyes!

The occasional wink.
Thinking or daydreaming?


Anonymous said...

Ansel, thanks for getting Mom in gear to update your blog. She used to make funny faces, too, except a lot of her funny faces were frowns and scowls. You're such an adorable boy. Love you. Grandma M.

cat and danny said...

Kerri, I too am glad that you up dated your blog! He is just too cute!

cat -

Bill Miller said...

Great pictures Ansel! Got his good looks from his Grampa Miller! (and hair style...) I enjoyed our last visit. Also thanks to Cody for putting up the shop light. It works great. I love you!
Grampa Miller