Sunday, March 25, 2007

Busy baby. . . and cousins!

So much for baby proofing! Ansel popped out the little outlet covers like they were nothing! (He has REALLY good fine motor skills.)

Little handy man

Playing on the big piano!

Jumped out!

(Ansel loves jumping... he actually jumps himself in a circle, then lifts up his feet and spins really fast! It's pretty entertaining)

Cousins Kaley, Kelsey, and Lindsey (and Aunt Kim) came up... and Aunt Rachel was home for spring break, so it was a fun week!

Lindsey and Ansel had some fun of their own... going through Grandma's cabinets!

Kaley and Kelsey found a few barbie dolls to play with! (Check out the girls' cute new hair cuts!)

Lindsey... helping unload the dishwasher!


KAT said...

I found that little baby fingers do have an easier time getting those outlet covers off then adult fingers. They need to change that somehow.

Anonymous said...

Ansel, tell mom it's time to update your blog. I know she's got lots of cute new pics of you and probably some good new stories as well. Love you. Grandma M.