Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bass Pro

We took Ansel to Bass Pro last time we went to Springfield. (We thought he'd like the animals there.)

Wish I had teeth like that!

Thought this was a weird looking fish!


KAT said...

That looks like a really cool place. We're getting one up the street, They'll be done building it sometime this year. I've never been to a Bass Pro Shops, now I'm excited!

cat said...

Kerri I just loved seeing a photo of you! I know how it is when you are the one that takes most of the photos, so it is hard to be in them. As for the shop, I have heard of them, but have never been. I didn't know they looked like that inside of them. Thanks for giving us all a tour!

miss ya

Danny said...

Kerri I miss seeing more blog stuff! WE NEED MORE KERRI AND FAMILY! hehe.. yeah, I am addicted!

cat -