Friday, February 23, 2007

Updates.. finally!

Well, finally, some updates! I've started them several times but never quite got around to finishing one! Ansel's gotten very busy this past month! He's fast, and crawling up and down large steps even.
He only weighed 17 lbs. 8oz. during the last shot he got a couple of weeks ago. . . he's eating good though (even off of a spoon.. finally!! Finger foods are still his favorite though) He still dislikes sippy cups, but he does really well with his straw cup. Maybe he'll have a little growth spurt before too long and hit 20 lbs so we can turn his car seat around! I imagine he'll like that better.

It's a fun, but busy age. The movies are rarely on the shelf any more, and he will find pretty much anything there is to get into and scatter (or "eat") Yep, the busy, curious stage keeps mommy very busy as well!
He also has such a variety of sounds and usually has a lot to say!
His top two middle teeth are starting to get pretty big... I can see why he complained so much about them!

We had a beautiful week of weather.. FINALLY. It's been below freezing for so long here that the 50's to almost 70's were very exciting! We got to go on walks everyday which is great because Ansel loves being outside, (not to mention he gets in a good morning nap that way!)

Ansel became interested in my ipod. We have some of his baby/kids music on there, and he got excited to hear it coming from the ear pieces.

He also has fun playing in the ball pit in the kid's playroom at Grandpa and Grandma Sneddon's!

He even got one piece of Valentine's Day candy, which he devoured (although it didn't stay down long)


Barbra Van Shaar said...

I liked the updates, Kerri & Cody. Ansel looks like a happy, healthy little boy. He seems to be interested in lots of things and sounds like a busy kid. He should keep you on your toes! What a cute little guy.

KAT said...

I'm just curious why you named your son Ansel. Is it after the photographer?

Anonymous said...

The updates are great. I've been enjoying them; I just haven't written to tell you so. Love you all. Grandma M.

Kerri & Cody Sneddon said...

The only time I'd heard the name "Ansel" was from Ansel Adams, so when Cody suggested it, I liked it. I looked up the meaning, and it means "blessed" I liked the meaning too. (and his middle name, Joel, means "the lord is willing", so it ended up fitting him pretty good!)