Friday, July 20, 2007

First steps!!!

We haven't gotten much of a video yet.. but Ansel started walking this evening!!! He'll do about six or seven steps going between Cody and I! (He just started around five or so this evening and has done quite a bit in just the past couple of hours! It was a very exciting day! Here's a little video of it with only a couple of steps... (as usual.. he stopped doing it when being filmed!!) Oh, and sorry I filmed it the wrong way.. I don't know how to rotate videos!


United Capital Group said...

Good job Ansel!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, opps, that was from me not United Capital Group...

Cat :)

KAT said...

Hooray for walking!

tckbnorth said...


Hey it is Elder North. I decided to look you up to see what you were doing and I found your blog. It looks like you have a beautiful family. I would love to here what you have been up to. You should give me a call some time my number is 435-773-1337, and you can check out our blog at I hope everything is going good and I am glad to know that you are doing alright.