Thursday, July 19, 2007

We moved!

Sorry for the delayed posts.. but we finally moved! We haven't hooked up internet yet... so I've been a little slow to add anything new. Here's a glimpse of Ansel's room..

Ansel likes eating cereal with milk now... sometimes that involves a spoon too!
Here's Ansel in his rocking chair... it was actually mine when I was his age!! (I'll have to dig out the pictures sometime) He likes sitting on that middle slat .. and will rock away like that.. (Yes, he has knocked it over on himself several times already.. mostly when he's rocking backwards though.)

This is how I found Ansel the other day... he found my oil pastels and drew himself a goatee.. trying to grow up too fast!

Apparently they don't taste too good though.

Ansel got invited to the Children's Miracle Network celebration....

Looking tough in his new tattoo (sticker of course)

He got weighed Monday.. 19 lbs exactly (so only one ounce the whole month... I was hoping for a little more than that!) Oh well... atleast he's eating well!

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cat and danny said...

Thanks for the update Kerri! I love seeing photos! How exciting for you to move into a new house! You'll have to post more photos of your new home.

I am glad Ansel is doing well!

cat ;)