Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some favorite toys

Here's some pics of Ansel with some of his favorite toys!
This first toy was his souvenir Daddy got him from Mexico.. he loves it. It's kind of like a top, only to get it to spin you wrap this string around it and then drop it just right! He gets pretty excited about it.
I thought this picture turned out pretty funny... looks like he's doing some fancy trick with it.. really he just threw it and that's how it turned out in mid air!
Stacking funnels is also apparently a really fun thing to do
And of course, we can't forget the screwdrivers!!!
One for each hand even!
An idea from Parents As Teachers... take an empty can, cut a slit in the top, and gather a bunch of frozen juice tops! )
And last, but not least, cupboards... any and every cupboard! This is actually dual play time here, as he also has a hold of the mop. He likes things with long handles that he can drag around.


Anonymous said...

Adorable pics! Thanks for the updates, Kerri. Love you, Mom

cat and danny said...

Yes, cute photos! I know you say he is still really little, but to me he looks so grown up! And he looks so much like his moma!

Let us know how he is doing growth wise. Oh, my mom says the pumped my brother full of Pediasure to help him grow. Anyways, let us all know how things go with your little miracle baby!