Friday, June 01, 2007

Friends from the mission

One of the best parts of our trip was meeting some of the people I'd heard Cody talk about from his mission. They were the nicest people and offered friendship and help instantly. (The couple in the middle are the Nygren's. Bryce served the same time as Cody there and we stayed at the resort with them and another couple from their ward. It was a good combination of people to travel with. We all got along really well)

This is the Rocca family. They picked us up when we arrived to Cancun (funny story.. we actually took a taxi to their old house.. luckily the girls living there knew them and called them for us, and they came and picked us up there)

Anyway, we were a mess after flights and driving late to Dallas the night before. They took us to church (it'd already started by the time we got there, and Cody and I were in shorts and t-shirts from traveling!) I was a little embarrassed for looking like such a scrub but everyone was just so happy to greet us.. it didn't matter what we were wearing. The Rocca's took us back to their house and fed us lunch and got rides lined up for us to the resort. . . so hospitable.

I really enjoyed spending time with this family as well. We spent the last couple of evenings with them. They made us dinner one night, and they took us out and showed us some different places and things. This particular evening was their anniversary of when they'd been baptized. We had a lot of fun with them!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your vacation stories and pictures; it looked like such fun. Thanks for sharing. Now where's the pictures of Ansel :) Don't worry, I do this to Roya, too. Love you.

Anonymous said...

WOW looks like you guys had a blast! I wish Florida was as fun as Cancun! We have the beach twenty mins from our place but we don't have all that cool stuff... like the temple thing, the neat animals, vines, huts, etc... How fun for you! I am glad you had a good time.

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