Thursday, June 21, 2007

Failure to Thrive

Well, we had Ansel's 18 month appt. for immunizations... and he was still only 18lbs. 15oz.!! (and only 28" long) We seriously thought that surely he'd reached 20lbs by now.. (He was 18lbs. 14 oz. well over a month ago, and almost 17lbs at his birthday in December!) So, he's falling off the charts pretty much, even for adjusted age, and his growth rate has REALLY slowed. We've obviously noticed that, he's been wearing the same clothes for over 6months now (and still in size 2 shoes!).. not typical at this age. So the plan is to up the formula calories again.. (He grew great up until December when he was moved off the preemie high calorie formula to a regular toddler formula.) It will still be the toddler formula, but we were given a recipe to make it 22 calories. HOPEFULLY that will do the trick and he won't need anything extra!!

I guess there's other things, like some growth hormones, etc, that are sometimes given to preemies, but it's best if they get them before they're two. His pediatrician said it's sometimes hard to get it approved by the endocrinologists.. but she said she'll look into that too... so we'll see. (and sometimes there are other reasons for Failure to Thrive.. which he'd probably have to have a scope in order to determine that.. )
Anyway, everything else developmentally is going great, so that's good. He's doing lots of fun stuff, like dancing.. (he bounces up and down everytime he hears any music.. so cute!)

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cat and danny said...

Kerri don't worry he will grow. My little brother who was 1 pound 7 ounces (I think that is right) at birth had a hard time growing too. He was always half the size of kids his age, literally. But, he did grow eventually! He is short today but that is okay. So don't worry Ansel will be just fine!! Remember he is a miracle baby!

cat :)