Friday, June 01, 2007


We went to a tourist spot called Xcaret on one of the days.It was beautiful. There were lots of different animals, a beach, snorkeling (outside and in caves), reinactments of different cultures, etc. There was definitely a lot to do and see there. I loved snorkeling,except for the part where Cody lost his wedding ring in the cold water :(

One of the parrots let Cody hold him. It was a little nicer than the one sitting next to him!

There were also tortoises of all sizes..

tiny ones

and really huge, older ones.

This animal is a tapir. It's one of the endangered species. I'd didn't know much about them, so I had to read up on it a little. It looks part pig, part anteater, but I guess it's actually in the same family as horses and rhinos. Cody got to feed it some leaves.

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