Friday, July 11, 2008

Ansel's It!

Ansel also got tagged! His is a little different..

Name: Ansel Joel
Age: 2 1/2 (31 months)
Birthdate: 12-13-05
Nicknames: Bubby, Bubba, Bob (when his 'tools' are out), little squirt... I'm sure there's a ton of others we use too!
Favorite activities: "riding" bikes.. (he can't pedal yet though); snuggle (he always comes over and says, "nuggle, momma"); Playing soccer with mommy and daddy; playing with cars, bikes, tools, trucks, helicopters, etc! Watching favorite shows.. DANCING... listening to music.. getting tickled.. (he's super ticklish but will often ask for "more tickle" if he's in a good mood!.... going to the park... seeing animals... watching (and trying to help) Mommy cook... playing with Daddy.... getting to sit on motorcycles... Jumping... and talking on "phones" (anything from real phones to calculators to cars he uses as phones.. anytime I get a phone call he picks up whatever is nearest to him and has a full out conversation as well)
Favorite Foods: Crackers and cereal, pediasure, ham, cheese, chicken, noodles, eggs, pizza, hot dogs, grapes, bananas, beans (kidney and pinto like beans) and toast.
Least Favorite Foods: most vegetables.. (he'll pretend to like some though.. like broccoli and celery... that is if there is some kind of dip. he'll go through a lot of dip, but the vegetable will look the same when he's done!) He really doesn't like lettuce, peas, corn, carrots, and green beans.
Ansel's a pretty finicky eater.. and always has been. I pretty much skipped the baby jar puree food phase with him because he was so picky (although we sure tried it a lot and tried to introduce it over and over again! The flavor didn't make a difference... it was the puree texture I guess!)
Favorite music: Baby Einstein music cd's; kids' music cd's (children's hymnbook; other cd's with children's songs on them ("Get Moving" is one of his favorites).. He also likes ANYTHING with a good beat to dance a long with (Latin, some country like Rascal Flatts, etc.. really if it's a fast paced song that he can dance a long with, he'll like it.)
Favorite toys: Cars, trucks, bikes, etc, (our couch usually has bumper to bumper cars lined up perfectly); balls to play catch with; Tools.
Favorite books: Green Eggs and Ham, Snug House Bug House, Fox in Socks, First Colors (usborne version) and, once again.. any book that has Bob the Builder, Cars, Trucks, Helicopters, etc. in it.
Favorite items of clothing: Shoes.. he really prefers to have shoes or sandals on most of the time.. Other than that... he's not too picky.. He likes his "jammies".. sometimes it's hard to get him to change in the morning. He also likes his Bob outfit.. (He's pretty much wearing all the same clothes from last summer.. I thought he moved up to 18 months, because that's what he wore in the winter (for length).. but He still wears all his 12 month summer stuff easily.
(I was so excited I bought some 18 month shorts with ADJUSTABLE WAITBANDS!! Sadly, though, I had them as adjusted as you can get and they still fell off :( (and then looked really silly when you rolled them down at the waist with all the elastic hanging down!) So I guess we'll just stick to the 12 month ones again.. (and even some of those I have to roll down at the waist. He still even fits his 6/9 month shorts.. crazy) Maybe there'll be a growth spurt this year?!
What makes me happy: When Daddy gets home from work! Ansel runs to the stairs to greet him everyday!
What makes me sad: When Daddy leaves.. Also.. getting in trouble for hitting!
I tag: Cousins.. Olivia, Emma, and Karina.. (because I'm sure you have time for that Roya.. haha... what with being pregnant with your fourth and a hubby that's deployed and all. Oh well, I still tag you ;)


Michelle Church said...

That was ADORABLE - nuggle momma, more tickles, pretending to like veggies - so cute!! kids are just the greatest. good for laughs and melting hearts!!

Roya said...

You just "whatted" us? Are you kidding me? Maybe I will just pretend I never read your blog - haha!