Monday, August 04, 2008

My big boy

We're doing lots of big boy things right now. We finally got the crib taken down a couple of weeks ago and set him up in a twin bed. (We don't have a lot of storage space.. so we thought we'd just pass on the toddler bed.. one less thing to store later!) He loves it! He's done really well with it too. . . He'll wait until I come in the room in the morning and after nap time to get off (I'll hear him calling "Momma!") It's funny that he does that since he is always climbing off and on it throughout the day!

We're also potty training right now.. fun fun. He's doing all right. He's actually a lot better with going number 2 on the potty than number one. He'll do it all by himself (pretty much all the time) whether I'm in the room or not, and then bring me the little bowl insert from the potty chair and proudly yell "big one!" Then he'll run off and dump it in the real toilet and flush. With peeing though.. he gets it about half of the time, the other half is either holding out for a diaper or an accident. (and the times he is actually sitting on the potty it doesn't always go in!! Apparently there are aiming issues even when you teach sitting down to start with!) His main problem.. which can be a good thing too though, is that he'll hold it way too long. (Even though he'll sit on the potty pretty much at any time.. he just won't go until he REALLY has to.. so then he won't always make it.) The first couple of days he didn't have but maybe one accident.. but he didn't go at all in the potty either. (He'd hold it from when he got up until nap time.. (still use a diaper there) and then from nap time until bed time.. crazy! One time I caught him starting to spray (hardly anything) so I rushed and set him on the potty.. I guess it scared him because then he wouldn't go and held it a whole hour more! So he definitely has the "physically able to hold it" part down! He did actually ask me though to go potty (on the big toilet) when we were getting him ready for bed (and he even had a diaper on already!) That was exciting progress, and, I guess made up for the fact that he peed on me earlier when we were snuggling!

Here's a bunch of pics to go along with it... (new bed.. big boy pants, etc..) There's also one of him "nuggling" his monkey doll. (We're babysitting a cute little four month old baby right now.. so he's getting some big kid practice there too!) Oh, and the picture of him holding the baby is actually of him and his cousin Braden (not of the baby we're watching). Isn't Braden so cute!? Bright blue eyes just like Ansel.
We also, finally, found a bike helmet that fit him! (Thanks to Target for carrying a 12 month size!) He doesn't like it much though, and would much rather play with Daddy's helmet. The other "hat" he's wearing in one picture was brand new out of the package.. I promise. We showed him pretty quick that it really wasn't a Bob hat! Also, the smallest underwear we could find were 2T... so I read up and found out which one's ran the smallest. They actually stay up too! (which is very exciting seeing as how I have to put 9 month shorts on him if I don't want them to fall down!) They're a little baggy.. but hey, thankgoodness for the great elastic!
Ansel "fixed" the changing table while we took down the crib.


Steph said...

What a big boy! That's so great that he's starting to potty train! Motherhood sounds like an interesting job. Getting peed on...sounds glorious,

Nielsen Family said...

Kerri, I am so glad I found your blog. I can't believe how grown up Ansel is! And tackling the potty training it a big step, yeah for you and Ansel. Check us out at

Michelle Church said...

Such great photos!! What a fun little bed. I'm glad he's enjoying it. I always thought #2 was the issue with potty training, so that's great he doesn't seem to have trouble with it!!