Friday, August 08, 2008

Let's pray little Alexa safely home!

Well, I'd briefly mentioned on a post awhile back that we had some friends who had a little preemie girl. The time has come where they hopefully are not too far away from getting to take her home.. actually they've had plans to go home several times over the past couple of weeks. However, new challenges keep arising, and the date keeps getting pushed back further.

I remember being in their place.. it seemed like Ansel's departure date always seemed to get pushed back a little for one reason or another. Then, just a couple of days after we got home with him, he and I both got the flu.. very scary for a little guy who's already dependent on oxygen. He had a few spells where he'd go limp and blue (even on the oxygen) so we rushed him back to the hospital where he spent another three weeks (back in the NICU) trying to recover so we could try to go home again. At that time when all those things were happening for us, I really believe that the prayers of so many people in our behalf helped give us the strength and patience we needed (and the help Ansel needed to get stronger!) I read comments from people I'd never even met (friends of friends and friends of family members all over the country) and it amazed me how intently people who didn't even know us would pray for us and give us their support.

So, I wanted to ask all my friends and family who might read this (I know some of you know Trevor and Melissa and have them in your prayers already!) but for those who don't... if you could remember this little family in your prayers tonight, that'd be great. We've also been praying that the doctors can figure out what is the cause of Alexa's breathing and heart rate episodes so she can be treated correctly and that when she does go home, she'll be strong and ready for it! I'm sure they'll greatly appreciate any extra support! If you want to check out cute little Alexa, her blog is: Thanks everyone!

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Trevor and Melissa said...

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I know that our prayers have been answered and the NICU finally found what was causing her episodes (i hope!). They think it was a mixture of acid reflux and her milk fortifier. I know this was an answer to prayers. Thanks so much, I'm glad you guys are such great friends.