Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ansel really likes his puppy... (still a little too much at times, but they're getting a little better around each other!) Ansel really likes to be the one to hold her leash when we take her on walks. They pretty much take turns pulling each other along. She'll start running when we're getting close to home, which nearly takes Ansel out even though she's 6lbs. 6 oz.(went to the vet yesterday for shots) and he's 22lbs! Yeah, that makes it hard to teach her how to "heel", but they have fun. She's very good at sitting when told, but we're still working on the other ones!
Another way I can tell Ansel likes Lexi is that he'll let her sit in his Thomas the Train chair without moving her. Even if we just lay our head on the chair he'll try to push us off.. (and he really gets possessive with it if another kid tries to sit in it) but he hasn't seemed to mind her sitting there. Lexi will sometimes sit there patiently while Ansel's holding her, but sometimes she'll give us the "please rescue me" look (As seen in the picture above). Despite that though, I think she likes him too. When she wakes up in the morning she'll run to his room door to see if he's up yet. Speaking of sleeping.. quite often I'll find her sleeping on her back! ( shown below....looks kind of funny!)

The whole vet experience was a little new for me. The weirdest part was that Lexi was suddenly my "baby" that everyone was going crazy about and the people there hardly seemed to notice Ansel at all (which was completely different from usual!) They'd even tell her "wait for momma" (again.. referring to Lexi, not Ansel.) I know this is quite common in the pet owner world.. but I guess I'm just not used to some aspects of it yet! The funniest part about the trip though was the huge red dog who was terrified of Lexi, and would whimper and scurry under the chair trying to further their distance from each other! (Lexi was just sitting there, not barking at all or anything. The dog's owner said she's just scared of little dogs for some reason!)

In this picture.. I thought it was kind of funny how Ansel and Lexi are pretty much making the same face. They definitely have some similarities going on : she was a runt.. he was a little 2 pounder; they both are potty training (and doing pretty well with it); they both beg for junk food but don't want to eat their real food; they both get overly excited when they're playing together (and learning boundaries and proper behavior!); and I think they both get jealous of each other when it comes to getting attention! I think in the long run though they'll grow up to be good buddies!

*A note about the umbrella picture: it was raining on our walk the other day, so Ansel lost interest in holding the leash and decided he wanted the umbrella. It looked so funny.. All you could see was this blue umbrella walking around (and sometimes at the right angle you could see little blue shoes to go with it!


Steph said...

Lexi is so cute! My dog Cosmo sleeps on his back like that too most of the time. He likes it better than his stomach for some reason. I loved having a puppy, they are so fun, and it's fun to watch them learn. Of course I haven't had a child yet so I'm sure that will be more exciting, but for now, Cosmo is my baby. I think it's so good and healthy for kids to have a pet, they say that kids that have dogs have stronger immune systems than those that don't. I think it's so good for a child to have a pet like that.

Michelle Church said...

I just love all the pictures, They are both so cute.

Billy and Amanda Cole said...

I'm so glad that Ansel is taking to Lexi and is doing well with her. She is getting so cute.