Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cute kids

I liked this picture of Ansel and Matthew. Matthew's the cute little 5 month old we've been babysitting. Ansel's pretty good with him, although he does have his little jealous moments (when he'll yell, "My Mommy!!") I think it's good for him to learn he has to share sometimes!
When he's not being jealous.. he'll talk sweet to him, kiss the top of his head, and he likes to lay down on the ground next to him. I have to sometimes remind him to give Matthew his space! (Which is funny because those of you who know Ansel know he's very particular about people invading his "bubble".. He likes his personal space, unless it's HIS idea to snuggle up to someone or say hi. (He does still love to snuggle though... at least with us) He's not always friendly, however, when people come up and say hi to him and he'll sometimes scream "No, Mine!" (As in his personal space I guess) I'm not sure how to fix that problem! But if he initiates it, he will act sweet as can be. (Giving cheesy grins and waves and kisses.)
Matthew's a strong little guy though and growing up fast. He's already crawling and even got his first tooth about a month ago! (Completely different from when Ansel was a baby! He was a year old when he started crawling (9 months adjusted)! Matthew's also a very good eater when it comes to baby food. (another phase we totally skipped.. Ansel wouldn't touch the stuff! It wasn't until we introduced finger foods that he'd try something other than milk.) Anyway, it's been fun seeing his personality emerge.

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Michelle Church said...

How fun. And a learning experience for Ansel!! 5 months and crawling and a tooth. That's crazy!! Nathan was 7 1/2 months for his first tooth and 9 months for crawling as well!!