Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hide and seek

I was washing Lexi's bedding the other day when I realized Ansel had found a new hide out. (Luckily I'd just cleaned it well) Yes.. both Lexi and Ansel were in there at one point! We couldn't get him to come out... so Daddy decided to get him out.. only his plan didn't quite go as expected. (Daddy didn't realize Ansel was coming out butt first until I grabbed the camera.. not to mention Ansel was gripping the inside of the crate trying to stay in longer!)

The last couple of pictures were some cute ones of Ansel and Lexi after church one day.

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Justin Compton Family said...

I love that he came out butt first. I was telling Justin about it and he was laughing. Then I showed him the pics. That's so funny Cody trying to dump him out. I love it! How cute is he and the puppy....