Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's a BOY!

Well, Ansel has been calling this baby his brother from the beginning so I'm glad I didn't have to regear his thinking! (or mine truthfully.. I would have been shocked if he'd been a girl too just because I've pictured this baby being a boy the whole time!) So much to update on since I haven't been on here in ages!! I'll start with the pregnancy I guess. So far things are looking great still! I do heparin shots three times a day (blood thinners to hopefully help prevent some of the craziness that occured with Ansel's birth!) I really think they're helping. My high risk doc raised the heparin dosage again today (still just 3 shots... just more in each dose) It's nice they're keeping a good eye on all my levels and adjusting things as needed! My wedding ring still fits perfectly at this point and the water weight gain hasn't started yet.. all good signs! (And I haven't had the constant headaches like I did with Ansel's pregnancy either) So that's exciting. I'll put up a link to all the ultrasound pics at the end of the post!

As for other things in life.. October was a pretty crazy month! First we had Rachel's wedding! (Cody's youngest sister) I'll put up a link for those pictures (along with some halloween ones as well!) Sorry I never got a post about it Rachel! I've really been slacking on my blog!! Ansel was the little ring bearer at the wedding.. he was pretty cute :)

Also in October Cody broke his arm and had to have surgery on it! His workplace had a family night at the Bridge in Joplin (a place that has a variety of games, wall climbing, skateboard courses... etc.) Needless to say he should have steered away from the skateboarding. He fractured his radius on his right forearm and ended up with metal plates and screws and everything. He finally has his arm splint free again, which I think he's grateful for! It seems to be healing well post surgery, so that's good. How fun that we both are not supposed to be doing heavy lifting right now! Hah.. what timing!

The other big thing is that I got into the nursing program which I'm quite excited about. I started classes up again this past summer (Getting my Anatomy and Physiology one and two both out of the way) and with my classes that transfered from my previous degree I shouldn't have too many classes other than just nursing ones to take. However it does start in January.. so that could be quite an interesting semester to say the least. I talked to the department though and they said they'd work with me.. even with the c-section. Worst case scenario is that i'd have to quit and reapply next year (which is what I'd have to do if I decided not to go next semester anyway). They said I should be able to get through the classes fine (there are only two next semester) but i might have to end up doing the clinicals in the summer since I'm having a c-section. At least there's only 4 clinicals the first semester of the program!

So.. that's a bit of our crazy busy life these past couple of months!!!

*Feel free to view the extra pics through the links below!


Michelle Church said...

I'm so behind on everyone's blog! I'm excited you're having another boy. any names? I'm glad things are going well with the pregnancy, hope they still are. Thata's great they're keeping tabs on your levels! How sad about Cody's arm. Is everything healing okay? Nursing school - how great! It's hard work but you'll make a great nurse. Do you plan on working right after you're done or are you just getting the degree to have for later in life? Is it a 2 yr RN or 4 yr BSN? What was your previous degree?? I'm hoping to continue with my nursing education some day. I just can't imagine doing it right now so more power to ya!! (:

Michelle Church said...

Who watches Ansel while you're at school?

Kerri and Cody said...

Michelle.. I have a really good friend who has a little boy Ansel's age. She watches him for me. (It's kind of cute too bc this little boy (Ethan)is Ansel's best buddy now.. and my husband and Ethan's dad were best friends growing up! I don't know what i would have done without her! Oh.. and during summer classes grandma watches him! (Cody's mom.. they live pretty close, and she's a teacher so she has summers off)

Also... my previous degree is a BA in art (painting/drawing) kind of switching gears a bit! (Although I studied the human body there also from an art aspect!) Right now I'm starting off with a 2yr RN degree (both pretty much pay the same here) I wouldn't mind maybe furthering that degree later. I'd like to work part time afterwards..(even just once or maybe twice a week with a schedule that works around Cody's so he'll be with the kids when i'm at work.. maybe even a night shift if it's only once a week or so. (That way i can keep experience up as well as pay off some previous student loans much faster!) I guess we'll see how it all goes. Most friends say it's still pretty easy to find schedule flexibility at this point.. I guess I'll see
in a couple of years!

Cody's arm seems to be healing fine.. although it's pretty sore from the splint and sling for so long. He's doing physical therapy 3 times a week to try to help there! The bone seems to be healing pretty good though and I guess all that metal inside is keeping it together!

Oh.. and as for names.. I don't know if it's 100% yet but I think we're planning on Eli! (maybe Bryce as the middle name) That's what I call him all the time anyway so if that changes I'll definitely have to regear my thinking! I'm really excited to be having another boy too actually. Many thought I'd be disappointed to not have one of each but I've been storing Ansel's old stuff for 4 years and am really glad to get to reuse it! Plus I think it'll be cute for him to have a little brother :) It's not like my family is lacking for girls anyway... I have 5 sisters and my older sister has four girls.. (and there are more girls on Cody's side as well!) so a little boy will help balance things out a little :) (Although little girls are lots of fun too!)

ok.. there's my mile long reply!!haha

David The Hammer said...

Congratulations !!!!