Monday, September 12, 2011

Growing up..

Eli at 17 months
Ansel's first day of Kindergarten!
Ansel's first art project at school
Well, my boys are just growing up too fast on me.  The two biggest things that happened in the past couple of months were Ansel starting Kindergarten, and Eli getting potty-trained (day-time).  Ansel has been pretty excited for school and so far is really enjoying it.  The first few weeks were a little rough though as he keeps getting sick.  The second week he woke up about 3 am one night and continually threw up about once an hour or so (needless to say he stayed home the next day!).  Then the third week, I got a call saying he had thrown up at school (in his class poor guy.. and teacher!) He told me he tried to catch it all in his hands but some got on the carpet (yikes!).  He's usually such a clean thrower-upper at home since he's been so used to it through the years.  I think his body is just adjusting (and building immunities) to a new environment. He went to preschool at the same school but it was just twice a week for a few hours.  This is Mon-Friday all day, so much bigger adjustment!!  He has always had such a sensitive stomach to the slightest changes anyway,  (stress, food, etc) and it seems to be getting the best of him!  THEN, later that same week, he said his throat was still hurting.  (He had said it was the day before, but since he had no fever I just assumed it was from all of the throwing up).  Well, the next day, when a fever started, I looked inside his throat and was pretty sure it was strep. (Sure enough, took him to the Dr. and it was). So he missed another two days that week!  Last week he made it to school all week (there was a holiday Monday) and so far has this week too.. so I'm crossing my fingers that it will start to go a little better! He's definitely getting a flu shot soon too, hoping to at least prevent one thing!!

There's also a couple of pictures of the boys and their bike helmets (being cute together!) They really almost look the same size sitting down, but when Ansel stands up he's still quite a bit taller (although Eli is catching up..weight wise, Ansel is 30 lbs. and Eli is close to 25.  Eli seems so big sometimes but really he is right at 50% on everything so he's right on target.  Ansel has consistently been right at the 3%, so it's good he's been consistent at least!) 

Luckily he seems to be over this phase though!
As for Eli and potty training, I truly was shocked with how well it went!!  I had been dreading it, (and really had no intention of starting it until after school got over since he doesn't even turn 2 until March anyway).  But one day he grabbed my hand and pointed at the potty, so I sat him on it.  Even though he didn't go then, I knew he was ready!  So (at 16 months old) we started potty training (daytime only). The first few days were of course filled with accedents, but seriously, he basically had it down by the end of the week (started on a Tuesday, and by Saturday I was able to take him on an outing for 5 hours and NO accidents!)  He only wears a diaper at bedtime since he rarely wakes up dry.  He still has occasional accidents (especially once he starts getting tired) but the majority of the time he goes anytime you take him.  We taught him a potty sign, but usually he just points at his underwear when he needs to go (so he can definitely communicate the need!) He also tries to say potty (although it sounds more like "paw-pi").  Signing has been fun with him too though.  One day he came over and signed medicine, so I asked him "Why do you think you need medicine? Does something hurt?" Then he pointed to his teeth and said, "teeth".  I just love the ages my boys are right now.  It's so fun watching them learn new things, (and Ansel always says the most hilarious things.. I really should do a whole post about that sometime..if only I was better about keeping up with this!  Nursing school finishes for me in December! I really do enjoy it, but I'm ready to be done and pretty excited to be in my final semester! Well, gotta get to bed.. the morning comes early!

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Tiff said...

Your children are adorable! It's crazy how fast they grow. I hope you enjoy your last semester of Nursing School and that everyone is done with the throw ups for the school year.