Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fast Forward..

Since we've been missing in action here.. thought I'd do a quick fast forward on the last SEVERAL months!!
  • We had our 7th Anniversary in November
  • My little sister had her first baby in November, so we have a cute new niece, Xaniyah!
  • Ansel had his sixth birthday in December 
  • I graduated from nursing school in December (YAY!! So glad to be done!) and accepted an RN position in ICU in Joplin
  • I passed my NCLEX in January (so officially an RN)
  • Ansel had his first surgery in January (amazingly he didn't have any after his birth).. he had strep 5 times this school year, so he ended up with a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy!
  • Also in January.. WE FOUND OUT BABY #3 IS A GIRL!! (Yeah.. I haven't even been on here to announce baby #3! She was a bit of a surprise but we're excited! Due date is June 20th.. so I'm half-way there!)  I had a feeling it was a girl.. mostly because I've been far more sick than I was with the boys!! (I was sick with them.. but not like this time!) It's wearing off now thankfully, but it still has it's moments!!
  • I guess that's a quick summary for now :) Here's a few pics: (and links to more pics!) 


Michelle C said...

Such a wonderful summary of events. So many things have happened in your sweet little family lately. That's so fun you got a 3D ultrasound!!! That's amazing Ansel didn't need any surgeries as a babe. I'm glad things went okay with his current surgery!! And YAY for passing the NCLEX. I knew you would!!

P.S. I started with a pillow behind my back when on my side, but I wiggle off of it. My body is just so determined, lol!!

Kerri and Cody said...

Too funny Michelle!Sounds like you're definitely a natural back sleeper!! Thanks for the congrats! So nice to be done! Yeah the 3D ultrasounds are so fun! My dr.'s office always does them... we got several with Eli too!