Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eli's two!

Well.. time flies. Eli just turned two yesterday! We had a little family party for him in Springfield with some Aunts and Grandparents.. He's such a funny boy. He can have a very loud scream at times, but aside from that I just love this fun age he is at.  He's learning so much constantly and trying to be so independent, yet still loves to give me kisses and snuggle a lot. So glad he's a part of our family!!
He's still a bit of a momma's boy too (although he's becoming more of a Daddy's boy lately!) The other day I had my shirt up over my tummy watching baby Addilyn kick away, and he came over, said, "Hi baby Addie!" Then he gave my tummy a kiss and said "Bye bye baby!" .. covered my shirt back over my tummy and jumped up for some big kisses and hugs! (Almost like he was saying... "hello baby, but it's my turn with Mommy now!") So funny :) Love my boys! Ansel has had the week of for spring break.. it's nice having him here more!! I miss him now that he's in school all day!!! (whatever happened to just half day kindergarten!?)

Here's a couple more birthday pics:


Michelle C said...

I love baby girls name!! So cute! That's so sweet what he did. He sounds so much like Tyler. He's such a screamer and a mama's boy too! That cake is super awesome! Are Bob and and his friend from fondant or are they figurines you bought?

Kerri and Cody said...

Thanks! Oh, and they are definitely toys!! That would take way too long, although I have made fondant toppers in the past!(but the boys usually get a toy present with their cakes anymore haha) These ones though I actually had from Ansel's "Bob" days and just sanitized them. (oh and traveling to Springfield the cake completely shifted and then Wendy fell off and busted into pieces.. haha.. so, glad I took a pic before we left!