Wednesday, October 25, 2006

First tooth!

Ansel's first tooth popped up just over a week ago! (You can barely see it if you click on the picture to enlarge it)

He sometimes will eat little bites of some types of food. He loves the little baby puffs that look like dry cereal.

I'm beginning to think he's going to skip the whole pureed baby food and rice cereal from a spoon phase. We keep trying it, but he just hasn't taken to it. We tried again the other day, and as the spoonful of green beans sat on his tongue (accompanied by a look of disgust) he began frantically making the sign for milk.

We began showing him some signs, so far he knows milk and will sometimes do light. (He's getting pretty good at signing milk when he's ready for it!)

He's been sitting up really well for a month or so now, but still hasn't really scooted or crawled yet. He still LOVES bath time. He splashes and kicks so much the floor, mirrors, and mom are usually soaked. He also still loves to drink out of a glass.

Trying to be like Daddy

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