Sunday, October 29, 2006


We had our ward Halloween party at church this past weekend.

Practicing flying

Trick or Treat...

Ansel even found a cute little chick to snuggle up to


Barbra Van Shaar said...

Hi Kerri, Cody & Ansel,
I just took a look at the last several posts. The "shadow" picture was really cute, as well as all the rest! Superbaby was the perfect costume for Ansel, I think. Kerri, you made a cute nurse. It looks like Ansel puts that new tooth to good use, gnawing on everything he can get his hands on. He looks like a happy, good natured little boy.

Happy Halloween tomorrow.
Barbra Van Shaar

Anonymous said...

Very cute Superhero, I like the matching binky

Aunt Eden said...

Oh my goodness, he's getting sooo big! i miss you guys soooo much! He makes such a cool superman! Don't forget about my pics. Give him kisses from Aunt Eden please! I Love You!!!!